iPhone Gear: Camera + By Tap Tap Tap For FREE

UPDATE 2: Offer has been taken down.

UPDATE: This is for the USA only.

There's a camera app called Camera + by Tap Tap Tap that I've been using since it came out years ago on my iPhone (I think it was the iPhone 3). I've shared it from time to time on some social networks and have said nothing but good things about it. That's because it's the best camera app for iPhone out there....PERIOD. It's always ahead of everyone as far as features and it's constantly being updated for free. In fact, for nerds like myself that want to present the best quality photography when it comes to resolution, they updated the app today with a PRO setting. This allows you to save your iPhone photos as TIFF files. Fucking fantastic. Yeah, its gonna take a load of memory on the iPhone, but that's why you save it to your Dropbox or buy the 128 GB iPhone 6. In any case I wanted to share with everyone, that may not have this app or know about it, that it is currently free at the Apple Store APP. WAIT! Before you go running off to download it. I said the APPLE STORE APP, not the APP Store. Don't get it confused because if you go to the App Store it will still display the $2.99 price tag. To get the free Camera + app go to the APPLE STORE APP and hit the STORE tab at the bottom. Scroll a little down and voila! You will see the image below. Enjoy and thank me later! Now go out and have fun with Camera +!