Lookbook: Bitmapd

This past weekend I did a photo shoot for a company based out of Brooklyn, NY called Bitmap'd. The company makes these really kool t-shirts inspired by old video games. The owner and I came across each other at a BBQ earlier this year. I reached out to him about doing a lookbook for his current collection. He was down of course and so was I, because it so happens that videos games are my other hobby and passion. I have a massive collection of old and current games. Lets say well over 800 games and 26 video games systems; more on that another day. After multiple discussions, I gave him a few ideas and stories for the project that he liked.

Unfortunately, we were not able to do the original idea, but we' ll do that one in the future. It was down to plan B or C. We picked plan B and headed out to China Town to start the shoot... 

Behind the scene in Chinatown, NY. Owner of Bitmap 'd taking a video of the Model.