Another Day Shooting New Balance Fall '15

Man,.......was this a tiring day. The pack I photographed this day for New Balance Fall '15 is making me think too hard. Sometimes this happens to me because I want to create the best photos possible. The bad thing about this is? The amount of time I wasted trying to figure out how I wanted to best present the shoes, and tell the correct story. In other words, I was over thinking it. In a sense, it did work to my advantage. By the time I decided on what to do, the sun was starting to set. This gave me great light to work with and motivated me a bit more because of the results I got.

Above is actually one of the areas I used for my assistant to model the shoes; The homie Eddie. He's been a lot of fun to wok with because he's willing to do what ever it takes for the shot. Something you need to do in order to work for me. I like crazy angles, so you need to do positions that will give me those angles. No excuses enabled. lol In any case, I wanted to let you know where I''m at with this. I still have a few mores days of shoots. This includes a roof top scene.

Unfortunately I can't share any of the photos for a few months after they release, but when New Balance posts any of the work I did, I'll piggy back off those photos. I'm also in the final stages of picking the right edit/preset to go across all the photos in this campaign. Below is a photo of Eddie in the preset I will use. There's still some tweaks I need to do because I want a cleaner and less darker look for New Balance. Being that the campaign is "Urban" based, I think it should have a more personal edit of mine then what I usually give them.

That's it for now. See you on the next post. Shout out to my hermano Eddie aka ENOLWOLF.