BAIT x Diadora N9000 "Spiaggia Rosa"

I've been lucky enough to have gotten picked for quite a few raffles towards BAITs collaborations. At least, for the ones I really wanted, but this one is probably the one I would want the most. It has a clean colorway of light pink on the vamp and light grey on the toe cap, heel and some side paneling. This his highlighted by a dark grey on the Diadora side logo, tongue and part of the upper heel panel. This adds a nice and strong contrast to the light colors and helps in showing all the shoes upper panels. The finish off the shoe, you get a clear outsole with some sort of speckling and 3 pairs of laces. One of which you see in the photos. Oh yeah, this Diadora N9000 is 'Made In Italy'. Bang Bang! What else can you ask for? It's a nice shoe overall.

I'm a sucker for pink and when its done nicely on a sneaker, it's even more exciting. Quality seems on point and from experience, the "Made Italy" Diadoras are quite nice. Now, how can you grab a pair? Well, with most of the BAIT collabs as of late, you will have to submit your email for a raffle. It's pretty easy. First, and this is key, CREATE A BAIT account. This is extremely important, because if you get picked for the raffle you have to actually log in order to buy the shoe. The other things you should do is follow BAIT on all their social media accounts for more chances, as each follow includes an additional raffle for your email; 4 in total; Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook. The shoe is limited to 700 pieces with 50 of those already sold exclusively at Complex Con.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to BAIT and register for a chance to win. Good luck and enjoy the rest of the photos and stay tuned for more images if I get them.