END. x Reebok Insta Pump Fury "Pink Salmon"

The Reebok Insta Pump Fury has been making waves as of late. So, it's no surprise that END. finishes 2016 with the popular and iconic model. The story behind the make-up is based on the fish, Salmon. But more so on the color of it's meat, which is this orange/pink hue. There is however a small dash of silver in the mix...

Here is close up of the shoe where you can see some of its details. One being the suede fish scales on the toe box that continue all the way up to the tongue. There is also speckles on the front sole and back sole. On first look you wouldn't notice it, but the front speckles are grey where as the back heel ones are black. A nice detail that may be missed if you are not looking for it. The rest of the shoe is pretty much dressed in the Salmon hue with some accents of black on the heel and heel liner. Other details include END on the front and back silver straps used to pull the shoe  onto your foot. The last piece of the puzzle is a nice box with the print of silver scales on the outside and pink salmon on the inside; Including the paper.

Overall, this is a pretty clean color way with an accomplished story that was very easy to interprit onto the shoe. Though I would think this would be more of a spring/summer release, this nice pop of color also works well in the fall/winter if you're daring.

As for how you can grab a pair, head over to END.s launch page to submit your email for a chance to be picked when they release this coming Sunday, 25th 2016. Enjoy the rest of the photos!

Photography © Angel Gonzalez/2016. All Rights Reserved.