FEIT "Man vs Machine"

FEIT at the New Museum in NYC

I had the opportunity to see an installation from shoe brand, FEIT. It took place at the New Museum for one day only and you had to RSVP to get in. It was a presentation, or more like a statement, on why they do what they do. What is that you ask? Make hand sewn shoes by about 30 artisans. Including the artisans (gentleman in the photos and video) kids that do it on site at FEIT’s Prince St. store. It's a technique thats a dying art, but done by a company who's passion was to find the best of the best at making shoes like no other brand.

Hand Sewn High and Cuoio

The installation was accompanied by a video showcasing the process of mass produced shoes and the beauty of hand sewn shoes. 

MAN VS MACHINE - FEIT's first ever film commission - contrasts the iconic mass production imagery of the 1982 cult film Koyaanisqatsi (Life Out of Balance) with the unique artistry that defines FEIT's commitment to handmade.

The number of shoes created globally doubles every 20 years, largely because of the proliferation of mass production. Footwear is a $190 billion industry, and its growing use of cheap, synthetic materials and automation is having an increasingly harmful impact on the environment.

FEIT believes that creating high-quality, handmade shoes from natural materials will reduce production of harmful pollutants and our dependence on petroleum and landfills, while also extending the lifespan of each pair of shoes made.

Hand Sewn CUOIO

The photographs you will view were taken by my iPhone because I was under the impression no cameras would be allowed at the museum. Oh how I was wrong. FEIT actually rented the space so cams were allowed, but like I always say, the best camera is the one you own or have at the current situation. For me, the case was my iPhone 6S+. So, enjoy the photos and video until I get my hand on a pair since now I know they have a store in the city. Check FEIT for yourself