Event: Nike's Sneak Easy

sneak easy

It's here! Nike's Sneak Easy event in NYC. For those that made it to last years Air Max Con, be prepared to experienced something completely different. Instead of a convention, this was more of a museum type of event where they showcased the history of Nike Air and the future. It was a really kool set up that looked like a science lab of sorts with its specimens intact...

There are three rooms in total residing on the main floor; the only floor. Once you enter you will be introduced to a Nike specialist that will walk you down memory lane of Nike Air and explain a bit of its roots. I personally learned something new from the presentation also. The one thing was that Nike Air was first implemented into the 1979 Tailwind. At the time, many people didn't believe that there was 'Air' in the foam part of the shoe. This is what actually motivated Tinker Hatfield to find a solution for people to see the technology. Hence, the iconic Air Max 1. 

Below are a few pictures from the first room and this is post 1 of 3. Stay tuned for the Vapor Max and Nike iD rooms. Enjoy the photos!