Event: Nike's Sneak Easy, Part 2: Air Vapor Max Room

Let's continuing on to the second room for the Nike's Sneak Easy event (You can view the first room at this post). As you walk up and before the stairs that lead up to nothing, you will come across the Nike Air Vapor Max room. The room was rather extravegant in showcasing their new 'Air' technology.

As I stepped up into the room, I was greeted by two Nike associates. As you can see in the photo you are walking on a see-thru floor that is a compliment to the Vapor Max. A giant poster resides on the wall giving you no doubts to where you are and about to see. Moving forward there are small pillars with just the Air Vapor Max air bag hanging inside a clear casing; Let's call it an air bag because thats what you are walking on. No rubber or foam needed. On that note, it took Nikes engineers 7 years to get the Air Vapor Max right. 

Further into the back area of the room you will come across the pinnacle of Nike's Air tech. It's the first official release of the Vapor Max in a platinum colorway surrounded my mirrors. Another compliment to the technology ( Nike really thought this presentation out entirely. So, kudos to them). The perfect and clean make-up makes you focus on the shoes details. You'll notice the obvious Flyknit and Flywire as the uppers main tech and the 'Air Vapor Max' as the entire sole. There's nothing not to like because it's simple, clean and too the point. No frills needed here. 

I had the opportunity to try them on and of course the question of the day is "How do they fit". I'm a natural 11 in Nike sizing, but after trying these on I came to find out they actually ran at least half size big. I tried on a 10 1/2 and it fit me perfect. I still had a minimal amount of room in the toe that was satisfying for me. I also know someone else who tried on a size 10 and he went down 1/2 a size. Take note that I have wide feet too, so people with narrow feet should also go down half size at least. I know some people with narrow feet may even be able to go down a full size, but I can't call that honestly. Just like the AM90 Ultra 2.0 running big, I can say these also run in that manner from what I've been told. I haven't tried on a pair of the AM90's yet, but that will be next on my list to see what the sizing is like for me. Now, I can't say this will be for everyone because people like to wear their sneakers differently. So take this for what it is. The pair I tried on felt big. Even the Nike Rep saw that I had room in the front and reccomened I go half down. So, I did and that's what I was satisfied with. When I have them in hand, I'll have a better review up with detailed photos and whether, I like them or not.

Note to those attending Sneak Easy. This is the room where you will be able to reserve a pair of the Platinum Vapor Max to pick up at Nike Lab on 3.26. That is, if your size is available. At the time I was there, I was lucky enough to secure a 10 1/2. I originally asked for an 11 before I tried them on and they didn't have that available. Thank the lords they ran big for me. Good luck to you!

Stay tuned for part 3 of this post were I talk about the exclusive Nike iD options for the event and show you what I made to order a week before the Nike iD Air Vapor Max opens to the public on 3.26.