Event: Nike's Sneak Easy, Part 3: Nike iD

If you've been keeping along with my posts of Nike's Sneak Easy, this is the third and last part of my visit ( check out part 1 and 2 before reading this if you haven't seen them already). Moving along after the Air Vapor Max room I ended up in the Nike iD space. Here is where they had samples of the Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit, Air Vapor Max iD and a free 'Draw'to win a 3.26 Air Max Day edition of the AM1 Ultra (photo further down in the post). 

Above in the photo you can see the Nike iD space. This is where you would work with a Nike iD specialist on your design if your were lucky enough to secure a spot online (All spots were already taken on Monday the 20th when the online reservation form launched). The reason for this, is the fact that this was a pre-launch to the 3.26 Air Max Day (AMD) options on the Air Vapor Max and AM1 Ultra Flyknit. Come Sunday the 26th you will be able to design your own, but be aware that both of these iD models are on a limited run. Once they sell out, that's it. You will not see these specific options again (According to Nike).   

Sadly, the options and colors were very limited. Especially for the Air Vapor Max. You could only choose from the multi color upper or the OG red upper. Same can be said for the Vapor Max sole. Your choice was either the neon sole or clear one (seen in the photos below). I didn't play with the AM1 Ultra Flyknit because I didn't have much time. I actually didn't have an appointment, but I was squeezed in to make my own (Thanks Nike). Now the waiting game starts as I already received an email saying that it was being worked on. Making them here basically gives you a head start on receiving them before anyone else gets their chance on Sunday, the 26th AMD. 

Final thoughts

Nikes Sneak Easy event was a fun walk through memory lane for some, and for others it'll be a new experience in Nike Air history. For the fans expecting another Air Max Con, you'll be disappointmented. Surely, I too was to a certain extent, but being someone who loves sneakers and appreciates footwear details, it was a joyful presentation of technolgy past and present. It'll remind you why this 'Air' technology is important and show you the next evolution in the form of the Air Vapor Max. In a sense, that's really what this event is about. Showcasing you the next step in the Nike Air direction and if you appreciate shoe details like I do, you'll enjoy Sneak Easy like I did. Kudos Nike.