iPhone Gear: Moment Lens

Moment Wide and Tele 

Moment Wide and Tele 

People have been asking me what attachment lens is on my iPhone 5s (they recently announced a bayonet for the iPhone 6 and 6+). Well, it's @moment Kickstarter project called Moment Lens. It's my first and only Kickstarter that I've supported because their video was very genuine and you can see the amount of effort and passion being put into their product (you can read about their process/story here and how it connects to your iPhone 5/s). They've been in my hands for a couple of months now and I can't shoot without them. These lenses have spoiled me.

The quality is great overall and I honestly haven't seen a huge decrease in sharpness for those concerned of putting glass on top of glass; minimal at best. There can, however, be some very slight color fringing. Of course, that's only if you were pixel peeping like I was. So far, I only caught it in two of my images out of the many I have shot with the lenses. To be honest and fair, you'll probably never notice it and I stopped looking for it. It was just me being me and critical of anything I spend money on. Especially camera gear. 

Below You'll see a few images shot with the Moment Wide ( the one with the boats is actually the Tele.). It's my favorite of the two so far. They are at full resolution so you can pixel peep all you want. I used Camera + and VSCO apps for the shots and edits.

So now that you know what I was using, you can go grab yourself either one if you want at Moment. They are not going to be at the Kickstarter price, but even at the new price point it runs circles on what other so-called-iphone lenses are in the market. 


Lookbook: Bitmapd

This past weekend I did a photo shoot for a company based out of Brooklyn, NY called Bitmap'd. The company makes these really kool t-shirts inspired by old video games. The owner and I came across each other at a BBQ earlier this year. I reached out to him about doing a lookbook for his current collection. He was down of course and so was I, because it so happens that videos games are my other hobby and passion. I have a massive collection of old and current games. Lets say well over 800 games and 26 video games systems; more on that another day. After multiple discussions, I gave him a few ideas and stories for the project that he liked.

Unfortunately, we were not able to do the original idea, but we' ll do that one in the future. It was down to plan B or C. We picked plan B and headed out to China Town to start the shoot... 

Behind the scene in Chinatown, NY. Owner of Bitmap 'd taking a video of the Model.