Another Day Shooting New Balance Fall '15

Man,.......was this a tiring day. The pack I photographed this day for New Balance Fall '15 is making me think too hard. Sometimes this happens to me because I want to create the best photos possible. The bad thing about this is? The amount of time I wasted trying to figure out how I wanted to best present the shoes, and tell the correct story. In other words, I was over thinking it. In a sense, it did work to my advantage. By the time I decided on what to do, the sun was starting to set. This gave me great light to work with and motivated me a bit more because of the results I got.

Above is actually one of the areas I used for my assistant to model the shoes; The homie Eddie. He's been a lot of fun to wok with because he's willing to do what ever it takes for the shot. Something you need to do in order to work for me. I like crazy angles, so you need to do positions that will give me those angles. No excuses enabled. lol In any case, I wanted to let you know where I''m at with this. I still have a few mores days of shoots. This includes a roof top scene.

Unfortunately I can't share any of the photos for a few months after they release, but when New Balance posts any of the work I did, I'll piggy back off those photos. I'm also in the final stages of picking the right edit/preset to go across all the photos in this campaign. Below is a photo of Eddie in the preset I will use. There's still some tweaks I need to do because I want a cleaner and less darker look for New Balance. Being that the campaign is "Urban" based, I think it should have a more personal edit of mine then what I usually give them.

That's it for now. See you on the next post. Shout out to my hermano Eddie aka ENOLWOLF. 

I'm back at it again with New Balance Fall '15

I'm currently shooting some of New Balance's Fall 2015 campaign. It's a pretty cool one too because its 'Urban' themed and I'm excited to be part of the project. Also, this marks the first time I get to shoot footwear on-feet for them. Very kool. Anyway, thats all I can say for now. I have a few more days of photo sessions before I start the edits.

BTW, that's my assistant/sneaker model carrying the goodies. It was a fun and hot day. We both got sunburned. 

Some Food For Thought

My Nikon D7100

My Nikon D7100

I always get asked about my photography equipment. "What camera do you use? "Whats lens do you use" "Whats your camera set-up for street and sneaker photography". These are common questions asked by many out there entering the realm of photography. The one mistake some make is thinking that buying the same cameras as their favorite photog will allow them to make similar photos. That is far from the case. There's a lot more to it than just that. Remember that everyone has their own style they developed through the years. It isn't just a click away with your camera. 

Another thing to note is that not one camera is better than the another. In a sense that is. For instance, I shoot Nikon; Have been doing so for the last 4 years. It's my preference because that's what was introduced to me by my friends who also shoot Nikon. Since it was the only cameras system they shot, I catered to it. Now, that's not to say other camera company aren't good. If my friends had Canon, I would be shooting Canon today. It wasn't a matter of thinking Nikon is better, but more of the simple exposure of their units and wanting to learn more about DSLRS. In fact, today I'm thinking about getting a Sony or Fuji for street, because I want something smaller to carry with me. On top of that, I love the results some photogs have had with those systems.

I wanted to share with you this answer I gave someone on my Tumblr in regards to buying a camera. It's the best way to look at it. No one person can recommend what will work for you because at the end of the day, the camera is a tool. How you make use of if is up to you. Enjoy! 


k-east asked:

What camera set ups would you recommend to someone who is new to photography and wants to get into street photography/ sneaker photography?? Thanks

That’s always a hard question and an easy one at the same time. But, here’s the best way to look at it instead of me just saying “buy this…”

The best camera will be the one you own. Whether you choose Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc. Whatever you decide on, will be ‘The Best’. Not in a sense that the equipment is good and you just spent $2,000 or $500 on it, but that you will make the equipment great. In turn, you will learn to create an image that speaks for itself. Remember that at the end of the day, a camera is a tool. YOU, the person behind it will create the best possible photos with it. You will adapt to it and it to you. Once you make the camera an extension of your body and develop your style, you’ll than pursue what you need. Not what a lot of money can buy. Make the best of what you have until you’ve mastered it. 

My suggestions….

For beginners look into Nikon’s 3000 or 5000 series, Canon T5i (Ti Series), or a Sony A6000 (mirrorless). All these cameras are DX which means they are cropped sensors (Look it up).Try to buy the camera body only because the kit lens is bad. Why? Most, if not all, have optics made from plastic instead of actual glass. Go for a 35mm 1.8 (which will be like a 50mm on a crop sensor) and than look at a 50mm 1.8, 20mm 1.8, 85mm 1.8, etc. I mainly shoot prime lenses. That’s what works for me. It may not be your cup of tea, but there are some advantages to using primes (look it up). If you want a zoom, look for a 17-50mm or something within that range ( I would recommend Sigma or Tamron as alternative Lens manufacturers. But honestly, buy glass from the actual camera brand if you can). Always try to look at 2.8 or lower aperture lenses. F4 is good, but not so much for low light if you want to shoot at night. 5.6 and up, forget about shooting at sunset and after. oh, don’t forget to get Lightroom. Peace!

Hope this helps you and anyone else out there. 

From Germany To New York

My friend from Germany kidkutsmedia was here for two weeks and it has now come to an end. I took a total of 7 days off to hang out with him and explore New York (This is the second time we do this). The places we explored were beautiful and at times dangerous, and nerve wrecking. Let us not forget the freezing temperatures during this time and the day we ventured out during a snow storm on 2.21.15. On top of it all, the homie Dexter spiced things up with his willingness to do crazy things that added some nice creativity during our last 4 days; something that made the hikes to the areas we explored that much more satisfying. All in in all, this was an amazing 7 days of exploration with friends who are just as passionate as I am about photography. 

In the next few days I will be editing all the photos and sharing them in the coming weeks via all my social channels. This includes, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook Fan Page, IG, Flickr, Steller and blogs. Stay tuned!

iPhone Gear: Camera + By Tap Tap Tap For FREE

UPDATE 2: Offer has been taken down.

UPDATE: This is for the USA only.

There's a camera app called Camera + by Tap Tap Tap that I've been using since it came out years ago on my iPhone (I think it was the iPhone 3). I've shared it from time to time on some social networks and have said nothing but good things about it. That's because it's the best camera app for iPhone out there....PERIOD. It's always ahead of everyone as far as features and it's constantly being updated for free. In fact, for nerds like myself that want to present the best quality photography when it comes to resolution, they updated the app today with a PRO setting. This allows you to save your iPhone photos as TIFF files. Fucking fantastic. Yeah, its gonna take a load of memory on the iPhone, but that's why you save it to your Dropbox or buy the 128 GB iPhone 6. In any case I wanted to share with everyone, that may not have this app or know about it, that it is currently free at the Apple Store APP. WAIT! Before you go running off to download it. I said the APPLE STORE APP, not the APP Store. Don't get it confused because if you go to the App Store it will still display the $2.99 price tag. To get the free Camera + app go to the APPLE STORE APP and hit the STORE tab at the bottom. Scroll a little down and voila! You will see the image below. Enjoy and thank me later! Now go out and have fun with Camera +!


iPhone Gear: Moment Lens

Moment Wide and Tele 

Moment Wide and Tele 

People have been asking me what attachment lens is on my iPhone 5s (they recently announced a bayonet for the iPhone 6 and 6+). Well, it's @moment Kickstarter project called Moment Lens. It's my first and only Kickstarter that I've supported because their video was very genuine and you can see the amount of effort and passion being put into their product (you can read about their process/story here and how it connects to your iPhone 5/s). They've been in my hands for a couple of months now and I can't shoot without them. These lenses have spoiled me.

The quality is great overall and I honestly haven't seen a huge decrease in sharpness for those concerned of putting glass on top of glass; minimal at best. There can, however, be some very slight color fringing. Of course, that's only if you were pixel peeping like I was. So far, I only caught it in two of my images out of the many I have shot with the lenses. To be honest and fair, you'll probably never notice it and I stopped looking for it. It was just me being me and critical of anything I spend money on. Especially camera gear. 

Below You'll see a few images shot with the Moment Wide ( the one with the boats is actually the Tele.). It's my favorite of the two so far. They are at full resolution so you can pixel peep all you want. I used Camera + and VSCO apps for the shots and edits.

So now that you know what I was using, you can go grab yourself either one if you want at Moment. They are not going to be at the Kickstarter price, but even at the new price point it runs circles on what other so-called-iphone lenses are in the market. 


Lookbook: Bitmapd

This past weekend I did a photo shoot for a company based out of Brooklyn, NY called Bitmap'd. The company makes these really kool t-shirts inspired by old video games. The owner and I came across each other at a BBQ earlier this year. I reached out to him about doing a lookbook for his current collection. He was down of course and so was I, because it so happens that videos games are my other hobby and passion. I have a massive collection of old and current games. Lets say well over 800 games and 26 video games systems; more on that another day. After multiple discussions, I gave him a few ideas and stories for the project that he liked.

Unfortunately, we were not able to do the original idea, but we' ll do that one in the future. It was down to plan B or C. We picked plan B and headed out to China Town to start the shoot... 

Behind the scene in Chinatown, NY. Owner of Bitmap 'd taking a video of the Model.