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1. Use an image other than as specified above

2. Use or display any image on websites in connection with any service designed to sell or induce sales of user-commissioned “print-on demand” products using or incorporating Image(s), including, by way of example only, postcards, mugs, tee shirts, posters, books, wallpaper, artwork and other items. For the purposes of this Agreement, the term “print on demand means”, a printing technology and business process in which copies of a product are not printed until an order for the product has been received.

3. Use an image in such a manner that it infringes upon any third party’s trademark or other intellectual property.

4. Share an image by providing access to such image on shared disk drives, computer networks, servers, cloud network or other intranets of any nature or otherwise.

5. Use images by way of illustration only and not by way of limitation, displaying Images in any format (including thumbnails) for download on a website, offering Images for sale, incorporating  Images into templates of any nature, including templates for websites, social networking websites, documents, projects or otherwise making images available for distribution and/or sale to third parties.

6. Use Vagrant Sneaker images as the primary feature of any individual physical or digital product or any collection thereof which is offered for sale, trade or otherwise distributed in violation of the terms of this Agreement. Additionally, images must be an integrated, inseparable part of a product and must constitute less than 50 percent of the overall product area, page layout or design.

7. Use or display an image in such a manner that gives the impression that the image was created by you or a person other than the copyright holder of that image.

8. Use an image marked “Editorial use only” for commercial purposes. If an image is marked, “Editorial use only”, additional permissions may be required for commercial use. Vagrant Sneaker does not provide such permissions.

9. Use automated programs, applets, bots or the like to access the website or any content thereon for any purpose, including, by way of example only, downloading Images, indexing, scraping or caching the content on the website.

10. Use any image (in whole or in part) as a trademark, service mark, logo, or other indication of origin, or as part thereof, or to otherwise endorse or imply the endorsement of any goods and/or services.

Effective As Of October 18, 2013