This Is My Story


I was born in Cayey, Puerto Rico and came to the United States at age 3. Embracing a long held interest in the arts, I pursued studies in graphics, web and 3D design. Upon graduating college, I found myself applying my skills to my twin passions of footwear and the camera. After picking up multiple point and shoots and finally my first DSLR, I committed myself to learning the fundamentals of photography. Developing a hobby in the buying and collecting of shoes has kept me constantly motivated to shoot footwear in a manner that strove to evolve the way they were being presented in the market today. Four years later, I've had the pleasure of seeing my work grace advertisements, marketing important sneaker releases, and influencing others to do what I've become known for: photographing shoes as a work of art. 

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We caught up with one of our favorite sneaker bloggers Angel Gonzalez. Angel is freelance product photographer, blogger and writer but at the heart of it, he is a creator. Check out Angel’s awesome blog for the latest in sneaker releases and for stunning photography.

Where it all started.  

My love for creating photographs is only exceeded by my passion to get better.